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  • Kate Kinnison

  • Piyush Tantia

  • Mary Steffel

  • Charlotte Blank

  • Kristen Berman

  • Kelly Bidwell

  • David Yokum

  • Jamil Zaki

  • Wendy Wood

  • Michael Luca

  • Kevin Donahue

  • Melissa Knoll

  • Dan Ariely

  • Paul Ferrar

  • Herman Aguinis

  • Jason Doctor

  • Susanna Loeb

  • Michael Hallsworth

  • Dolly Chugh

  • Rick Larrick

  • David Brooks (New York Times)

  • Sim Sitkin (Duke/BSPA)

  • Craig Fox (UCLA/BSPA)

  • Shankar Vedantam

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