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  • Social Scientist: FDA Center


    November 3, 2020 at Midnight EST

    OPEN ANNOUNCEMENT: Social Scientist DH GS-0101-12/13

    Thank you for your interest in the FDA Center for Tobacco Products. We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of an open announcement within our Center.

    If interested, please click on the USAJOBS link below and follow the “How to Apply” instructions. ONLY applications submitted to USAJOBS will be considered.

    DIRECT HIRE (Members of the public/U.S. citizens): 

    Closing Date: November 3, 2020 at Midnight EST


    We would also encourage you to continue to visit the CTP jobs page ( as well as USAJOBS ( for future opportunities. 

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  • Vice President for Domestic Health: ideas42


    July 22, 2020

    Your chief responsibility will be to grow a portfolio of innovative projects and partnerships to advance ideas42’s mission to make the world healthier by using behavioral science at scale. You will also serve as a member of ideas42’s senior team, and in that capacity, you will make meaningful contributions to team organizational strategy and management. This role provides a pathway to more senior management positions within the organization, as well as more senior roles in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

    Your responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

    Building a portfolio of innovative projects that design, build, and test behaviorally-informed products, policies, and processes to improve health outcomes, reduce health care costs, and reduce health disparities for people in the US. This includes but is not limited to:
    Leading on the strategy, scoping, and execution of new engagements with partners working in health care, public health, and health more broadly;
    Leading ideas42 team members (and external collaborators when relevant) through ideas42’s behavioral design and build processes;
    Designing primary and secondary research plans, tools, and activities, sometimes including the design of rigorous evaluations (randomized trials or quasi-experimental methods);
    Overseeing, guiding, and coaching ideas42 Senior Associates and Associates in project execution and delivery across multiple projects simultaneously;
    Serving as a main point of contact for project partners and funders;
    Writing proposals for funding to support project work.
    Writing and speaking about ideas42’s work in behavioral science and health (e.g. writing opinion pieces, presenting at conferences and industry events, authoring academic journal articles).
    Actively fostering a collaborative environment and team with all members from the leadership level to all individual contributors.
    Managing the professional development of junior staff.
    We are seeking an inquisitive and resourceful individual who is a strong analytical thinker and has an entrepreneurial spirit. They must have a passion for innovation in health and health care, promoting the social good, and the study of human behavior, though prior experience or training in the behavioral sciences or psychology is not required.

    Minimum qualifications

    Bachelor’s degree.
    10+ years of relevant experience in health or health care innovation.
    2+ years of both people and complex matrixed project management experience.
    Substantial client-facing experience.
    Substantial experience leading complex projects.
    Management experience is key: both of internal teams and work streams, and of external implementation partners outside of supervisory or authority structures.
    Excellent written and verbal communication with a commitment to high-quality output.
    Mission-aligned, self-starter, and able to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
    Smart, logical, and structured thinkers, who are also creative.
    Available and willing to travel on a flexible schedule as needed (typically less than 25%, and post COVID)
    Preferred qualifications

    Advanced degree.
    Experience in sales, marketing, consulting, strategy, business development, or production design.
    Experience with applying computational methods to improve health outcomes using machine learning and/or data science
    Available and willing to travel on a flexible schedule as needed (typically less than 25%, and post COVID)

    About ideas42
    We’re a non-profit looking for deep insights into human behavior—into why people do what they do—and using that knowledge in ways that help improve lives, build better systems, and drive social change. Working globally, we reinvent the practices of institutions, and create better products and policies that can be scaled for maximum impact.

    We also teach others, ultimately striving to generate lasting social impact and create a future where the universal application of behavioral science powers a world with optimal health, equitable wealth, and environments and systems that are sustainable and just for all.

    For more than a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of applying behavioral science in the real world. And as we’ve developed our expertise, we’ve helped to define an entire field. Our efforts have so far extended to 40 countries as we’ve partnered with governments, foundations, NGOs, private enterprises, and a wide array of public institutions.

    We value diversity and inclusion and are dedicated to growing our teams with people who have diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skills. We are committed to fair and unbiased hiring practices that support equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, ethnicity, gender, national origin, age, abilities, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

    The full job posting is here: The application deadline is July 22, 2020.

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  • Call for Papers: Spotlight on "Leadership in the Political Realm” in the Behavioral Science & Policy

    Call for Papers: Spotlight on “Leadership in the Political Realm” in the Behavioral Science & Policy

    Guest Editors for this Spotlight Issue are:
    • Timothy Judge ([email protected])
    • Russell Hassan ([email protected])

    Associate Editors for this Spotlight Issue are:
    • David Glerum ([email protected])
    • Charlotte Hoopes ([email protected]
    • Meng Li ([email protected])
    • Sarah Mangia ([email protected])

    The Behavioral Science & Policy Association (BSPA) invites submissions for its flagship journal, Behavioral Science & Policy (BSP), for a Spotlight on “Leadership in the Political Realm.” This Spotlight will focus on leadership in political domains, a particularly salient issue in today’s increasingly turbulent and divisive political climate. From the moment a citizen envisions running for public office to the moment a political leader is re-elected for another term, several factors and processes influence the nature and unfolding of political leadership that have an immense impact on the daily lives of their constituents.

    This Spotlight welcomes ideas across the social and political spectrum and institutional contexts. We are interested in a wide range of topics, cutting across traditional viewpoints, which highlight behavioral insights both in navigating the challenging present political climate as well as charting a way forward. The current political environment, on both a domestic and global scale, presents an important opportunity for behavioral science to provide updated and expanded insight on leadership and practical recommendations. Possible questions to examine might include the following:

    • How do individuals develop interest, ambition, and efficacy in running for political office?
    • What forces are shaping the current patterns of political leader emergence and election, and how does behavioral science explain or account for these patterns?
    • What factors, such as leader characteristics, voter characteristics, and voter decision-making processes, influence how political candidates are elected or re-elected for public office?
    • In what ways are political leaders evaluated by citizens as effective/ineffective, and what factors influence how political leaders earn approval or disapproval of their constituents?
    • How do political leaders gain traction and amass support on salient policy issues (e.g., universal healthcare, income inequality, climate change, criminal justice reform, etc.)?
    • What factors influence whether political leaders decide to run for higher office and whether they are elected into these higher positions?
    • In what ways does political leadership diverge from general leadership models/perspectives, and what are the implications for the public sector?

    We are particularly interested in how insights gained from addressing these questions can guide effective policy responses and implementation. These practical applications are essential to informing policy decisions in the face of uncertain or unstable political and economic climates.

    To receive consideration for the Behavioral Science & Policy Spotlight on “Leadership in the Political Realm,” please email a 250-word abstract of your intended article to [email protected] by August 31, 2020. Please also indicate the name of this Spotlight (“Leadership in the Political Realm”) and which manuscript category you see your intended article will be submitted (see Manuscript Categories below). Competitive abstracts will be invited to submit a full manuscript by September 30, 2020.

    About the Journal
    BSP features short, accessible articles describing actionable advice for policy makers and practitioners that is firmly grounded in the empirical scientific study of individual, group, and organizational behavior. Submissions will undergo a dual review process involving discipline-focused editors to assess scientific rigor and policy-focused editors to assess practicality. Articles recommended for publication will also receive feedback from professional writing editors to enhance their appeal to a broad audience of behavioral scientists, policy makers, practitioners, and educated lay readers. Published articles will be available online via open access until compiled into print editions. BSP is not limited to a particular point of view or political ideology.

    Manuscript Categories
    Manuscripts can be submitted in a number of different categories, each of which must clearly demonstrate the empirical basis for the article as well as explain specific implications for (public and/or private-sector) policy and practice:

    • Proposals (≤ 2,500 words) specify scientifically grounded policy proposals and provide supporting evidence including concise reports of relevant studies. This category is most appropriate for describing new policy implications of previously published work or a novel policy recommendation that is supported by previously published studies.

    • Reports (≤ 3000 words) provide a summary of output and actionable prescriptions that emerge from a workshop, working group, or standing organization in the behavioral policy space. In some cases such papers may consist of summaries of a much larger published report that also includes some novel material such as meta-analysis, actionable implications, process lessons, reference to related work by others, and/or new results not presented in the initial report. These papers are not merely summaries of a published report, but also should provide substantive illustrations of the research or recommendations and insights about the implications of the report content or process for others proposing to do similar work. Submitted papers will undergo BSP review for rigor and accessibility that is expedited to facilitate timely promulgation.

    • Findings (≤ 4,000 words) report on results of new studies and/or substantially new analysis of previously reported data sets (including formal meta-analysis) and the policy implications of the research findings. This category is most appropriate for presenting new evidence that supports a particular policy recommendation. The additional length of this format is designed to accommodate a summary of methods, results, and/or analysis of studies (though some finer details may be relegated to supplementary online materials).

    • Reviews (≤ 5,000 words) survey and synthesize the key findings and policy implications of research in a specific disciplinary area or on a specific policy topic. This could take the form of describing a general-purpose behavioral tool for policy makers or a set of behaviorally grounded insights for addressing a particular policy challenge.

    • Other Published Materials. BSP will sometimes solicit or accept Essays (≤ 5,000 words) that present a unique perspective on behavioral policy; Letters (≤ 500 words) that provide a forum for responses from readers and contributors, including policy makers and public figures; and Invitations (≤ 1,000 words with links to online Supplemental Material), which are requests from policy makers for contributions from the behavioral science community on a particular policy issue. For example, if a particular agency is facing a specific challenge and seeks input from the behavioral science community, we would welcome posting of such solicitations.

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  • Director, Behavioral Sciences


    University of Iowa



    The University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry searching for FT Director, Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry. This is a clinical or tenure-track faculty position. Position available April 1, 2020; screening begins immediately. Must have: M.S. or Doctoral (Advanced Degree) in Sociology, Human Psychology, Anthropology, Health Profession Education, Communication, Social Work, or relevant social science field of study; experience in health profession education; demonstrated commitment to teaching/research/service; and demonstrated experience working effectively in diverse environment. Desirable: minimum three years’ experience teaching patient/provider communications skills; experience/participation with inter-professional education/practice; grantsmanship; evidence of interdisciplinary work/research/collaboration; and involvement with student diversity, equity, inclusion initiatives. Rank/track/salary commensurate with qualifications/experience. Learn more and/or apply at [email protected] at:, reference Req #73887. The University of Iowa is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment free from discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, religion, associational preference, status as a qualified individual with a disability, or status as a protected veteran.

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  • BSP Call for Spotlights

    Behavioral Science & Policy (BSP) is an international peer-reviewed journal featuring short, accessible articles describing actionable policy applications of behavioral scientific research that serves the public interest.

    We are pleased to invite proposals for Spotlights on topics related to our policy areas of focus: education and culture; energy and environment; financial decision making; health; justice and ethics; management and labor; and technology and innovation. 

    Similar to “special issues” in other journals, the purpose of Spotlights is to significantly advance our collective understanding on a specific issue. Different from traditional academic outlets, Spotlights appear within each BSP volume, and are designed to showcase a set of rigorous social science findings to policy makers who can use those findings in practice.

    Spotlight proposals will be evaluated by the journal’s Senior Editors. For more information on proposing a Spotlight, please click HERE. Please contact BSP Spotlights Senior Editor, Dr. Morela Hernandez with any questions: [email protected].

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  • : Data Scientist & Operations Analyst






    August 29

    The Lab @ DC is seeking a Data Scientist (id 4576) and Operations Analyst (id 4589) to join our team!   

    As you know, The Lab @ DC is a scientific team in the Executive Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia. To date, we’ve fielded projects to improve public safety, education, housing, economic well-being, environmental cleanliness, customer service, and police-community relations. 

    Based directly in city government, The Lab is connected and poised to work on the District’s most important policy and programmatic issues. We invite you to join us and please share this news with anyone you think might be a good fit!

    To apply, submit a brief application via We’ll then follow-up with a performance task if you advance to the next stage. If you have questions, email us at [email protected]. We will be accepting applications over the next two weeks (deadline: August 29). A couple of notes on the application system (it’s not our favorite, maybe someday you’ll help design a new one!):

    1. You can save your application at any time and return to it.

    No need to write a cover letter. Just your resume and application are enough.

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  • Data Scientist: Metropolitan Police Department






    April 28, 2018

    The Data Scientist will provide data science and advanced analytical support, generating actionable insights from data and then presenting those insights in compelling graphical, numerical, and narrative forms. The Data Scientist will independently and collaboratively with other internal and external entities provide timely, relevant, and scientifically rigorous evidence to inform MPD’s policies, programs, and decision-making.

    Learn more and apply

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  • Performance Analyst/Data Scientist: The LAB @ DC


    Washington DC


    Minimum rate - $70,345.00



    Job Summary

    Program Analyst (Performance Management), CS-343-12

    Agency: Performance Management Division

    Area of Consideration:  Open to the General Public

    No. of Openings:  1

    Salary $70,345 – $89,992 per annum

    Opening Date: January 17, 2018

    Closing Date:   January 27, 2018

    Duration of Appointment:  Career Service – Continuing Full-Time

    Collective Bargaining Unit:  Non-Union – This position is not a collective bargaining unit.



    This is a standardized position description that is designed for use in any District of Columbia Government department, office or agency.

    The incumbent in this position provides a variety program analysis functions and conducts studies of programs within an assigned organization.  The purpose of the program studies and analyses is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational structures, to assess organizational and program problems and recommend solutions; and to review and evaluate the potential effectiveness of proposed organizations and programs.

    Brief Description

    Gathers and organizes information from a variety of sources such as records, computer files, previous studies, and interviews, analyses information to identify issues and isolate problems, develops solutions and measurements of productivity and effectiveness for use by others, develops detailed briefings and reports of findings and recommendations, and convinces others to implement recommendations.

    Organizes and delivers briefings to present findings, solutions, and recommendations to managers, and prepares option papers and similar staff reports. Assignments may involve independent studies to determine the proper organization and structure of the activities of an agency, department, or large office; the conduct of studies to measure and track the progress and accomplishments of a District of Columbia organizational component dedicated to a major assigned organizational function; the planning of a single program to be carried out by various field organizations by identifying, collecting, and analyzing appropriate information, and presenting finds; devising new internal structures for a organizational component within a major office of an agency, department or large office.


    Knowledge of a wide range of specialized analytical methods and techniques for planning, analyzing, and evaluating the effectiveness of work processes or programs, and a general knowledge of related studies and cases.

    Knowledge of pertinent laws regulations, polices and precedents that affect the program or work processes studied, and knowledge of the major issues, program goal and objectives, substantive work processes and program operations of the organization.

    High degree of skill in applying and adapting analytical methods and techniques.

    Knowledge and skill used to plan, schedule, and conduct projects and studies to evaluate, identify and resolve issues and problems.

    Licensures, Certifications and other requirements

    This position has been designated as an emergency/essential employee position under the provisions of District Personnel Manual, Chapter 12. As such, your services may be required in emergency situations to perform crucial duties, i.e., snow removal, debris removal, transportation, shelter operation, food distribution, and communication. These duties may be performed when the government is closed or when most employees are dismissed early.


    High School Diploma or GED, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

    Work Experience

    2-5 years

    DDOT is an employer of choice for any job seeker who has passion, energy, and enthusiasm about our city.  Employee benefits include:

    •Health and life insurance benefits and retirement benefits (More information about these benefits is available on the D.C. Department of Human Resources (DCHR) website at

    •Complimentary Capital BikeShare Membership

    •Free rides on DC Circulator buses

    •Continued professional development, and professional growth through d.University, the in-house training available for all DDOT employees

    •Flexible work schedule (team and role dependent)

    •Employer assisted housing loan program, providing payment and/or closing cost financing for first-time home buyers (restrictions apply)

    The District of Columbia Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, physical handicap, or political affiliation.


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  • Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor International Business / Strategic Management: UWA Business School


    Crawley, Australia

    The University of Western Australia (UWA) is ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world and a member of the prestigious Australian Group of Eight research-intensive universities. With an enviable research track record, vibrant campus and working environments, supported by the freedom to ‘innovate and inspire’ there is no better time to join Western Australia’s top University.

    About the team

    The Management and Organisations group brings together a number of internationally renowned researchers including former ARC Future Fellows and an ARC Laureate Fellowship. The group contributes to an array of business undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Members of the group have amassed an extraordinary selection of top tier publications in outlets such as Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly and Journal of Applied Psychology. The faculty is represented on the editorial boards of leading journals in the discipline and the group regularly hosts high profile academic visitors from all regions of the globe. 

    Who you will be working with

    Senior team members of the Organisational Behaviour discipline include Professor Sharon Parker, Professor Mark Griffin, Professor Cristina Gibson, Professor Marylene Gagne, Associate Professor Ramon Rico and Associate Professor Gillian Yeo. 

    About the opportunity

    You will be encouraged to work collaboratively in research with colleagues both within and external to the School and significantly develop our suite of teaching and research competencies in the area of Strategic Management and/or International Business. The Discipline aims to ensure that its goals of excellence in teaching and research are consistent with individuals’ personal aspirations. A willingness to participate in a collegial way towards identifying and implementing practical steps to teaching and research excellence is essential.

    About you

    You will demonstrate achievement in research, with a primary interest in international business / strategic management, as well as significant personal contribution to high quality teaching and learning. 

    Full details of the position’s responsibilities and the selection criteria are outlined in the position description.

    Benefits and Conditions of Employment:

    • Start-up grant negotiable
    • Tenurable position
    • Employer contribution to superannuation is 17% of salary
    • Recreation leave of 20 working days per annum
    • Long Service Leave after 10 years
    • Eligibility for sabbatical leave
    • Relocation assistance including airfares, relocation allowance and short-term accommodation (if applicable)

    Closing date: Sunday 10 September

    This position is open to international applicants who require visa sponsorship.

    Application Details: Please apply online via the Apply Now button.

    Please see the position description prior to applying: Download File Position description – Strategic management and international business – Levels B to D.docx

    • UWA has been awarded Top Ten Employer for LGBTI – inclusion of the Australian Workplace Equity Index (AWEI -2016).
    • The University is also a proud member of the Athena SWAN/SAGE Pilot for Gender Equity.

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  • Post-doctorate or Research Associate position for pre- or post-doctoral student:: Institute of Human Development and Social Change




    Salary is commensurate with experience

    Post-doctorate or Research Associate position for pre- or post-doctoral student: 

    Applying behavioral economic strategies to improve parent engagement in early childhood interventions

    Optional: full or part-time position

    Position Summary: Dr. Lisa Gennetian, of NYU’s Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC) seeks a full- or part-time researcher, who may be a pre- or post-doctoral student to support the application of behavioral economic strategies to support parent engagement in two projects, and support collection of language data from homes of infants in New York City. Both projects are part of the beELL initiative: applying insights from the behavioral sciences to early childhood and public health interventions throughout New York City.

    The first project is part of an ongoing partnership with New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Newborn Home Visiting Program (NHVP) assessing the feasibility and application of behavioral economic strategies to integrate early learning initiatives and information with existing NHVP home visits and follow-up contact throughout children’s infancy. We experimentally test the extent to which poverty-related limited attention and positive affirmation of motherhood can be favorably directed toward existing early language and literacy parenting resources. Low income mothers of infants are defaulted into receiving messages from NYC’s Talk to Your Baby program, supplemental tips reinforcing early learning and literacy, and receive a positive affirmation concurrently with a short video of parent-infant interactions, and finally at baby’s 5-month birthday, a gift package that includes a prepopulated library card application. The intervention and recruitment will continue through December 2017. A sub-study of infants at 4-6 months old will be recruited to collect language in the home environment directly measured via LENA audio-recording devices.

    The second project is a new collaboration with Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University, using insights from behavioral economics to support prenatal families’ knowledge of infant and child development and foster attitudes that will support caregiver-child interaction and child language development.

    Dr. Gennetian is looking for an advanced and creative doctoral or post-doctoral student who is eager to translate the tools of behavioral economic insights to on-the-ground program practice in the context of early childhood interventions; and, who has some prior experience with collecting or processing audio recordings.

    The individual will serve the role of project director or co-director, collaboratively manage and actively engage in development and design of pilot interventions, and lead or co-lead execution and experimental testing of the behavioral design enhancements. Expertise in social or applied psychology, cognitive decision making sciences or behavioral economics is a plus. Prior experience with random assignment and intervention design and research is also a plus.

    The position will be jointly funded by the Bezos Foundation and a grant from the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development. The candidate should be available to start work as soon as the position can be filled, ideally by September 1, 2017.


    • Serve as project director
    • Coordinate and manage activities between academic scholars and practitioners
    • Conduct field work
    • Direct collection of infant language interaction substudy including LENA audio recording and companion text message data collection
    • Contribute to intervention design and monitoring of pilot tests
    • Analyze and write up findings


    • Completion of advanced classes in behavioral economic or related theory in social or psychological sciences
    • Excellent English written and oral communication skills; high level of attention to detail
    • Advanced knowledge of statistics as applied in social science settings
    • Experience in early intervention field work, and/or launching experimental studies is a plus

    Salary is commensurate with experience. Health, dental, and other NYU benefits are provided for full-time employees. Office space is negotiable. Hours of work are flexible. Ten month or academic year (September-May) commitment required with possible option to continue contingent on satisfactory performance and availability of funding.
    To apply, please send the following to Dr. Lisa Gennetian at [email protected]:

    • An email that includes a description of your background, and why you are interested in this position, and contact information for at least two references; and
    • Your résumé or CV.

    The review of applicants will begin immediately. For full consideration, please send a cover letter and resume by August 1, 2017.

    New York University is an Equal Opportunity Employer. New York University is committed to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its hiring and promotion process without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, pregnancy or childbirth (or related medical condition), sexual orientation, partnership status, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital or parental status, national origin, ethnicity, alienage or citizenship status, veteran or military status, age, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, domestic violence victim status, unemployment status, or any other legally protected basis. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply for vacant positions at all levels.** NYU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer **

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  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professor: American University


    Washington, DC


    Salary and benefits are competitive

    Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
    Expertise: Data Analytics in Strategic Communication
    Public Communication Division
    School of Communication
    American University

    The School of Communication at American University, Washington, D.C., invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in the Public Communication Division beginning August 1, 2018.

    We are seeking candidates in the field of strategic or political communication with a demonstrated expertise in the role of data analytics to shape and drive communication campaigns. We are looking for someone whose expertise has gone beyond studying communication to actually using, evaluating and/or applying big data as a tool to create, develop, and implement communication strategies.

    A successful candidate will demonstrate a deep understanding of – and experience in – the way data analytics are used to identify audiences, shape messages, target media, reach constituencies, and influence strategic decisions. This is not merely a data analytics position; it is a position for a strategic or political communication expert who knows how to use data analytics as an essential resource in communication initiatives and political campaigns.  

    The committee will place a priority on candidates with an advanced degree, professional or applied experience in the field, and a record that documents the impact and significance of their work.

    Tenure-track faculty are expected to conduct scholarly, professional, or creative work that results in recognition and influence in our field. Tenure-track faculty carry a 2-2 teaching load. All faculty are expected to hold office hours and participate in School and University activities and service.

    Application Process:
    Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled, subject to on-going budgetary approval. Please submit applications via Include a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three references, recent teaching evaluations (when possible), and examples of recent scholarly or professional work. Please contact Aisha Green, Faculty Affairs Coordinator, 202-885-2133 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Salary and benefits are competitive.

    American University is a private institution within easy reach of the many centers of government, business, research, and the arts located within the nation’s capital. For more information about American University, visit Learn more about the School of Communication at

    Equal Employment Opportunity Statement:
    American University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution that operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The university does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy), age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, source of income, veteran status, an individual’s genetic information or any other bases under federal or local laws (collectively “Protected Bases”) in its programs and activities. American University is a tobacco and smoke-free campus.

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  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: The Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy


    Princeton University

    The Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP), Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University invites applications for a postdoctoral or more senior researcher in behavioral (decision) science. The position will investigate obstacles to human adaptation to change, in particular climate change. The program seeks candidates with demonstrated interest and ability to bridge across disciplines, including psychology, political science, the environmental sciences, other social and policy sciences, planning, architecture, and engineering. The position would work under the guidance of Prof. Elke Weber and other scholars at Princeton. We welcome research projects that examine mechanisms behind failures to adapt (“status quo bias”) shown by individuals, groups, and, in particular, organizations in the public and private sector. We welcome research that explores ways for people and organizations to better relate to their own and collective futures, identifies causal processes that pose barriers to such action, and uses insight into these processes to redesign economic, social, and political decision environments that reduce barriers to the creation of a sustainable future. Familiarity with complex adaptive systems theory and modeling, agent-based models, and/or network analysis is a plus.

    The research position does not support work towards the completion of a degree. Salary and full employee benefits are offered in accordance with University guidelines. Applicants must submit a CV, contact information for three references, and a cover letter describing their areas of expertise as well as current and future research interests. Additionally, candidates should include a brief (chapter or article-length) writing sample that demonstrates interdisciplinary interests and accomplishments. Applications must be online via the following link for position req # D-18-WWS-00001:

    The review process will commence immediately and continue until positions are filled. Preference will be given to applications received by August 7, 2017. This position is subject to the University’s background check policy.

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  • U.S. PIRG's Fellowship Program: U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)


    Washington, D.C., Boston and Chicago

    Position Type



    August 1, 2017

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  • Senior Research Associate, Debates: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)


    Freetown, Sierra Leone


    June 16th, 2017

    Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) seeks a highly motivated, technically skilled Senior Research Associate, who is passionate about working in Africa with large amount of data on issues of political economy. The Senior Research Associate will work closely with lead researchers at Stanford and MIT, civil society groups, and Sierra Leone’s major political parties, as well as the IPA Country Director on a large scale Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) in the run up to Sierra Leone’s nation and local elections in 2018. The RCT will examine the impact of greater openness in the process political parties use to select candidates as well as the impact, at scale, of debates between candidates from different parties in the general election. The study will start in the summer of 2017 run through Sierra Leone general election in 2018.

    The position offers an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in an organization undertaking cutting-edge development research. The work will stretch your analytical, inter-personal and management skills and will require your full commitment in a challenging environment. This position will be based in Freetown, but will require frequent field visits throughout Sierra Leone as well as close cooperation with the rest of the research team both in Sierra Leone and in the US.

    A previous RCT during the last election showed that public debate screenings improved voters’ general political knowledge, as well as knowledge of specific candidates and their policy positions. They further improved the alignment between the voters’ reported policy positions and those of the candidates they voted for. Candidates also conducted more visits and increased campaign spending. Additionally, in the year after their election MPs who participated in the debates engaged more and invested more in their constituency among other notable impacts. The study can be found here…

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  • Behavioral Science Intervention Designer: University of Virginia


    Charlottesville, Virginia


    May 1, 2017

    The University of Virginia’s Nudge4 Solutions Lab seeks a Behavioral Science Intervention Designer to join our team. The Behavioral Science Intervention Designer collaborates with the primary investigator to diagnose behavioral obstacles that interventions should address and leads the design process to yield behaviorally-informed interventions and products. Projects involve large-scale field interventions focused on a range of policy issues, from increasing college completion to improving prisoner re-entry outcomes, and involve active collaboration with a range of agencies and organizations. To read more about projects visit Incumbent is also responsible for researching and learning emerging technologies for use in research studies, identifying and implementing project changes as necessary, and conducting data analysis. Duties also include working with senior researchers to identify funding opportunities, assisting with writing grant proposals, and collaborating with senior researchers to disseminate findings through publication and presentation.

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  • Research Associate: Center for Advanced Hindsight


    Durham, USA

    Position Type


    The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University is currently seeking a full-time research associate to join our team to plan and conduct experiments, analyze data, and report findings on a variety of behavioral economics research studies. We review the Research Associate position on a rolling basis as need arises. If we don’t currently have an immediate need, we will keep your information on file to be in the running when we do.

    This position will perform all facets of research projects. Research Associates are responsible for independently managing a wide range of projects. Responsibilities include overseeing ongoing Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for human subjects research, material design, programming and distribution of surveys, preparation and conducting of experiments, data management (cleaning, coding, analyzing, interpreting), and reporting of study results (see Specific Responsibilities below).

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  • Behavioral Researcher: Center for Advanced Hindsight


    San Francisco, USA

    Common Cents is a behavioral lab focused on increasing the financial well-being of low-to-moderate income households.   

    The goal is to take behavioral insights out of the lab and into product development. This is truly a unique concept, blending academic rigor and rapid prototyping to create research driven, market viable solutions. The team is looking for someone to drive research from start to finish and help execute on the Common Cents ambitious 2017 goals.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    As a behavioral scientist you will underpin a wide range of projects around creating  financial decision making interventions. You will collaborate with senior researchers to lead different aspects of projects and will also undertake discrete pieces of work (such as partner sessions, literature reviews or scoping out various aspects on projects).  In addition, you will be responsible for communicating and reporting our research findings.

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  • Project Coordinator: Behavioral Insights Team


    London, UK



    The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is looking for an exceptional candidate to join as a Project Co-ordinator to work in two of our policy teams (Productivity and Communities, Health, Employment, Equality and Revenue) based in our London office.

    As a Project Coordinator you will be engaged in a number of tasks to support the successful delivery of a wide portfolio of projects. You will need to be flexible in your approach and be able to juggle competing priorities. This role offers someone an excellent opportunity to develop their organisational and project management skills. Responsibilities include:

    Resource Management

    • Working with project leads to ensure resource plans are set up in the planning software (10kft) and maintained;
    • Updating 10kft with data on tasks including annual leave and time for proposal writing;
    • Using 10kft data to identify members of the team who can work on potential pipeline projects and;
    • Highlighting where members of the team are either over or under-resourced and working with project leads to identify solutions.

    Pipeline Tracking

    • Working with the Directors and other team leads to maintain accurate records of all potential projects in the pipeline on the company’s central pipeline tracker list;
    • Monitoring opportunities for business development (e.g. new project tenders); and
    • Supporting the team to develop bids and proposals for new work.

    Contract Management

    • Overseeing the process of getting a signed contract in place for all new projects – chasing up signed contracts, ensuring all parties have all the information they need, and updating the Business Manager and General Counsel on progress;
    • Working with the Business Manager to ensure all new projects are set up correctly on the Company’s finance and resource planning systems;
    • Keeping track of project milestones and alerting the finance team when milestones have been met and invoices can be sent, and/or when scheduled invoice dates need to change;
    • Ensuring the Company’s QA procedures are followed for all projects;
    • Keeping track of the project budget – staff time (using 10kft) and expenses (with reports from the finance system), working with project leads to ensure projects are delivered within budget and highlighting as soon as possible when projects appear to be deviating from budget; and
    • Ensuring the company’s project close-out procedures are followed.

    Team Support

    • Providing ad-hoc administrative support such as updating timesheets and project scheduling;
    • Supporting preparation for client meetings and presentations (e.g. researching information, formatting data etc);
    • Ensuring file structures are organised; and
    • Dealing with expenses (as required).

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  • Senior Advisors, State and Local Government: Behavioral Insights Team


    New York, USA



    Full time (40 hours per week); Based in New York City with up to 30% travel; Up to 2 roles

    The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) is looking for exceptional candidates to become Senior Advisors in our New York City Office. We are looking for applicants to lead work on applying behavioral insights to the challenges facing our state and local government partners and evaluating the results. You will be based in Brooklyn, New York, and will manage relationships and projects with government partners across the country. You will report to the Head of the US office and will have management responsibilities.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    As a Senior Advisor, you will be the main point of contact for senior city and state government officials, and other clients and stakeholders on a regular basis.

    Senior Advisors each manage a portfolio of projects in a specific business area (in this case, US state and local government). While the subject matter and depth of the projects taking place will vary, each one will follow a similar set of steps that a Senior Advisor would oversee as follows:

    1. Target: leading your team and partners in the process of turning large and complex policy issues into a specific program of work that will allow BIT to contribute to improved policy outcomes through the application of behavioral science;
    2. Explore: leading quantitative and qualitative research to understand the nature of the issues involved and to identify specific pain-points and opportunities to tackle the issue;
    3. Solution: leading the team in generating evidence-based solutions appropriate for a public service environment;
    4. Trial: Ensuring a quality evaluation is designed and implemented so we can find out what worked and what didn’t. This will typically involve using a randomized control trial. Lastly, the project ends by reporting the findings to our partners in a clear a concise manner.

    While successful candidates may not be expert in all aspects of behavioral science and evaluation, you do need a strong understanding of the approaches used and the ability to manage others with specific expertise. It will be your responsibility to ensure that projects are managed and delivered to tight deadlines and budgets. To help you meet these goals you will line-manage a small team of Advisors or Associate Advisors.

    In addition to delivery, you will also have the opportunity to lead on winning new work and business development once you have proven your ability to deliver on existing projects. Senior Advisor roles have high growth potential for those looking to advance.

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  • Associate Advisor/Advisor, Research: Behavioral Insights team


    New York, USA



    • Permanent
    • Salary range: $57,000 – $72,000 per year, plus benefits
    • Immediate start
    • Based in Brooklyn, NY

    The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) is recruiting for a new member of our North America team to design, conduct, and evaluate randomized controlled trials (RCTs). BIT is at the forefront of a revolution in evidence-based policy, having conducted RCTs across the policy spectrum in fields ranging from health to criminal justice to urban policy.

    As the newest member of our growing North America team, you will play a central role in ensuring that the data-driven rigor of BIT’s trials is kept to the highest possible standard. You will have the opportunity to develop the team’s statistical capacity, while serving as the go-to person for econometric and coding questions.

    We are recruiting for an Associate Advisor or Advisor, commensurate with the experience of the candidate.

    Role and Responsibilities

    You will work across a range of behavioral insights projects providing specialist trial design, implementation and analysis. This role sits within BIT’s North America office and will suit a candidate with a strong background in econometrics and with a passion for data.

    This role will provide you with the opportunity to:

    • Put your expertise in econometrics to practical use on today’s biggest policy problems in the US and beyond;
    • Work with colleagues to design and implement RCTs across the policy spectrum;
    • Apply your STATA skills to clean and analyze unique administrative data sets and support colleagues in developing their own STATA skills.

    In a typical week, you might:

    • Clean and explore a large dataset from a 311 call center to identify trends, and brainstorm ideas for potential trials based on your analysis;
    • Analyze the results of a police recruitment trial and create visualizations to summarize the results;
    • Answer a colleague’s questions about how to design a trial with small sample size and help design and run the randomization code; and
    • Write a report that presents results to teammates and policy partners in a non-technical way.

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  • Director of Behavioral Science: Sentient Decision Science


    Portsmouth, NH, USA

    The director of behavioral science position is a primary research position at Sentient Decision Science. In this position, you will work closely with all members of the research team including vice presidents, directors, managers and senior and associate analysts. This position is physically located in Sentient’s Portsmouth, NH office and currently reports to Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist.

    The director of behavioral science position is responsible for creating and directing research projects that utilize traditional and advanced techniques from start to finish and ensuring that projects meet client needs and Sentient’s high research standards. Directors manage the work of a team of research managers, analysts, research support staff and key vendor relationships.

    In addition, the director of behavioral science position is client facing, including participation in needs analysis meetings when necessary, design and analysis meetings and results presentations. The director of behavioral science travels with the client account team when necessary.

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  • Environment & Behavioral Economics Summer Projects Assistant: Root Solutions


    Emeryville, CA, USA

    Position Type

    Volunteer, flexible position

    Root Solutions is seeking volunteers to join a team of visionaries, creators, and disruptors who want to re-shape the future of the environmental movement in North America and beyond. We are currently looking for two 2017 summer Projects Assistants to join our team. Although this is a volunteer position, you will be an active member of our team and a listed staff on our website and in correspondences. You’re vital to the success of programs that will transform the environmental movement and the planet.

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  • Quantitative Researcher, Growth: Facebook


    Menlo Park, CA, USA

    Connecting the world takes every one of us—and we’re just getting started.
    To succeed we need to understand the unique character of each of the world’s communities, what Facebook means or could mean to them, and how best to make our technology work for them. We’re looking for people with strong quantitative research skills to help in this effort.

    The ideal candidate will be a social scientist with expertise in quantitative research methodologies OR a quantitative specialist with experience solving social problems. They’ll be comfortable improvising and have the ability to work cross-functionally and thrive in a fast-paced organization. All product groups across Facebook are hiring including Instagram.


    • Help shape the research agenda and drive research projects from end-to-end
    • Collaborate with product teams to define relevant questions about user growth and engagement
    • Deploy appropriate quantitative methodologies to answer those questions
    • Develop novel approaches where traditional methods won’t do
    • Collaborate with qualitative researchers as needed and iterate quickly to generate usable insights for product and business decisions
    • Deliver insights and recommendations clearly to relevant audiences

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  • Behavioral Research Associate: Delos


    Rochester, Minnesota

    The Behavioral Research Associate position will assist in the Well Living Lab’s primary objective of broadening the scientific and practical understanding of how indoor environments and human behavior interact to impact occupant health and wellness. This position leverages the unique resources of the Well Living Lab – the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Delos Labs in New York, NY. The Behavioral Research Associate will support senior behavioral scientists in designing and conducting research that broadens our understanding of the human experience in built environments. The position offers an opportunity to join a highly interdisciplinary team and collaborate with research and clinical scientists, IT specialists, and business professionals to help develop research programs that further the mission of Delos and the Well Living Lab

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