2022 BSPA Online Annual Conference

Behavioral policy around the world

May 5 & 6 2022

*In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 BSPA Conference will be online.*

Building on our extremely successful online conference in 2021, we are working hard to ensure that the 2022 experience will once again be invaluable for both participants and presenters.

The BSPA team is thrilled to announce that Professor Dilip Soman and Professor Suzanne Shu will be leading our efforts as  Conference Chairs for our 8th annual conference.

  • Highlights include:
  • Keynote Speakers (Administrator Samantha Power, Esther Duflo, Raj Chetty, Hon. Catherine McKenna)
  • Has Behavioral Science Truly Impacted Policy? (Richard Thaler, Varun Gauri, David Halpern, Chiara Varazzani)
  • Worldwide ‘Behavioral Insights Units’ Panel (Kelly Bidwell, Rodney Ghali, Simon Gordon, Ammaarah Martinus, Faisal Naru, Dilip Soman)
  • Authors Shaping New Perspectives (Ayelet Fishbach, Eric Johnson, John List, Ellen Peters, Neela Saldanha)
  • Translating and Scaling Behavioral Interventions (Mary MacLennan, Nina Mazar)
  • Topic-focused Sessions (Crystal Hall, Zeina Afif, Lisa Gennetian, Sonia Kang, Fadi Makki, Mitesh Patel, Manasvini Singh, Rinad Beidas, Bruce Tonn, Jiaying Zhao, Alissa Fishbane, Amanda Sharkey)

All of the programming uniquely fit for digital will be hosted online with live streaming and interactive sessions from 11am-5pm (EST) on May 5th and 6th.

Conference Organizers: Craig Fox (UCLA), Suzanne Shu (Cornell University), Sim Sitkin (Duke University), and Dilip Soman (University of Toronto)

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Spotlight Workshops

Our Spotlight workshops bring policymakers, practitioners and scientists together to brainstorm various research ‘best-practices’ and topic areas in a local setting. Topics such as energy, pre-K education, health and financial decision making can drive the agenda; alternatively, these working groups can coalesce around local government priorities in order to facilitate actionable insights being put into practice on a state or municipal level.

Does your research institution have a pressing research priority that would welcome a behavioral science lens? We can help! BSPA convenes ‘spotlight’ sessions where we help support your agenda while providing a vehicle for publication.
Whether in the public sector or a government division, we welcome the opportunity to partner. Let us know what spotlights you are interested in pursuing and together we can help support your agenda

From the private sector and interested in co-hosting a spotlight workshop with us? Get in touch! We’re always interested in a fresh perspective on issues that you care about, as you seek to develop a behavioral science capability in your organization

Want to set a research agenda for behavioral science? Send us ideas for partnership to [email protected]!

Have an idea for a spotlight proposal? Download our RFP to find out more about our work in this space!

Upcoming spotlights include ‘Safe Driving’ with the University of Kansas, and Health Equity with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Have a research interest in either of these topics? Let us know so that we can be sure to include you in the invitation and call for papers

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