Who We Are

We are a global community of public and private sector decision makers, behavioral science researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners with a bold mission to promote the application of rigorous behavioral science research that serve the public interest. We serve as an information hub, and community builder- connecting individuals and organizations through our conferences, spotlight workshops, taskforces, and the publication of newsletters and Behavioral Science & Policy.

Our Philosophy

the impact of public and private sector policies depends critically on the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations.

we believe a clear understanding of the power of behavioral science research and interventions can provide innovative solutions for addressing challenges faced by policymakers and other practitioners.

Our Community

bspa is a global hub where behavioral scientists, policymakers, and other practitioners interact via conferences, workshops, briefings,and our membership portal.

in addition, our membership services facilitate information exchange and collaboration to promote thoughtful application of behavioral science research in ways that serve the public interest.

we actively collaborate with a number of behavioral policy oriented organizations and direct our members to their activities and services.

Meet Our Team

Areas of Focus

Facts and Questions

  • What is 'Behavioral Science'?
    BSPA takes a broad view of Behavioral Science, describing it as the cross-disciplinary science of understanding the causes of individual, group and organizational behavior across different levels. Behavioral Science encompasses the social sciences, and brings together insights and methods from a variety of fields and disciplines, for example judgement and decision-making, behavioral economics, organizational behavior, neuroscience, and social and cognitive psychology. Under the umbrella of Behavioral Science, these disciplines, which separately do not provide a complete picture of human behavior, offer a comprehensive toolkit to bridge the gap between economic models and everyday reality to shape both private- and public-sector policy and practice.
  • Why does BSPA exist?
    BSPA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, bi-partisan organization promoting public understanding of how empirically validated insights from behavioral science can provide innovative and effective policy solutions. A membership organization, BSPA fosters engagement between the behavioral science and policy communities, helps link existing organizations in the space, aggregates resource and event information, prioritizes, vets, and promotes new research, and facilitates the spread and implementation of actionable insights within the field through matchmaking and other activities.
  • Is BSPA linked with any particular political ideology?
    BSPA is a nonpartisan, independent organization, free from political bias or an obligation to favor members of a particular institution. We instead focus on promoting collaboration across individuals, disciplines, and organizations – publicizing work of merit, regardless of the source.
  • How is BSPA funded?
    BSPA relies on dues from individual members, grants, sales of our publication Behavioral Science & Policy, and the generosity of foundations and philanthropists to fund our operations.
  • How can I participate?

    We are constantly looking to partner with others, and would love to have you join us, as a paid member, or a volunteer! To stay up-to-date on our activities and opportunities, sign up for our monthly newsletter which features calls for papers, participation in work groups, and highlights BSPA events as well as our other community members.

    Have an idea for ways that we can add further value to the community? Send your thoughts to ideas@behavioralpolicy.org