why us?

We have a bold mission to promote the application of rigorous behavioral science research that serves the public interest. We need your help in making our vision a reality.

we are global

BSPA is a global hub where behavioral scientists, policymakers, and other practitioners interact via conferences, workshops, briefings, and our membership portal.

we are collaborative

We actively collaborate with a number of behavioral policy oriented organizations and direct our members to their activities and services. We seek to fill in the gaps, and create the infrastructure to enable others to do their work more effectively. We support and enable those around us to do great work.

we are the community

Our membership services facilitate information exchange and collaboration to promote the thoughtful application of behavioral science research in ways that serve the public interest.

Please note that donations are tax deductible in the U.S. BSPA is a recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) institution.

Every gift makes a difference!


Credit Card and Check

The most expeditious way to give to BSPA is to make a gift online, or call us on +1 (919) 681-5932 (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time). Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to Behavioral Science & Policy Association. Please include a note telling us how to direct your gift and send to:

BSPA Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships
PO Box 51336
Durham, NC 27717, USA

With an annual contribution totaling $500 or more you will become part of our Chairman’s Circle and will be recognized as one of our most generous individual donors. We are grateful, though, for your gift of any size.

Bequests and deferred gifts

Planned gifts enable you to integrate your charitable and financial goals and provide present or future support for BSPA, or a specific BSPA program that is important to you. They can also provide valuable tax benefits, income, and other financial returns for you and your spouse or loved ones.

Some of the most common planned giving mechanisms include bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, gifts of life insurance, and gifts of retirement plan assets. In addition to connecting with the Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships at BSPA to discuss how your gift can be targeted to most effectively meet your philanthropic goals, we recommend working with a knowledgeable advisor such as an attorney, financial planner, or CPA to help structure the gift that best suits your needs.

Be sure to let us know if you have included us so that we can recognize you as a member of the BSPA Founders Circle.

Company matching

More than 1,000 corporations and other organizations offer programs that match employees’ charitable contributions. Ask your company about their matching gift policy, today.


By giving general or targetted gifts to the Behavioral Science & Policy Association, you will be supporting a number of different projects:

BSPA publishes weekly newsletters to keep our community abreast of the latest behavioral science news, in addition to behavioral science & policy, an international, peer-reviewed journal featuring short, accessible articles describing actionable policy applications of behavioral scientific research that serves the public interest.

Our Spotlight Workshops bring policymakers, practitioners & scientists together to brainstorm various research ‘best-practices’ & subject areas in a local setting.

Topics such as energy, pre-K education, health and financial decision making can drive the agenda.


BSPA facilitated working groups consist of the top experts in the world coalescing around local, federal and global government priorities in order to facilitate actionable insights being put into practice. Most recently, BSPA provided working groups aimed at providing advisory to the White House’s SBST.


BSPA holds an Annual Conference aimed at bringing together behavioral scientists, policymakers, executives and press to challenge assumptions on how the behavioral sciences can be applied across multiple contexts, & highlighting the most relevant findings to private & public sector policy makers.


BSPA is developing an open access, curated Archive of applicable behavioral science research, vetted by a team of leading scientists & policy experts. The Archive will provide research that has implications for program choices within a specific area of focus & identify tools to facilitate effective implementation of such insights for users to tap into.


BSPA acts as a conduit for the global behavioral science community – connecting academics, practitioners and policymakers through our network.

Our individual & co-sponsored events facilitate introductions & projects to foster cross-institutional collaboration.

For more information about our latest exciting ventures at the Behavioral Science & Policy Association, contact Kate Wessels, Executive Director at (310) 526-1428. To discuss BSPA gift opportunities or to make a gift, please contact the Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships at (919) 681-5932.

Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships
PO Box 51336
Durham, NC 27717, USA
+1 (919) 681-5932
[email protected]


Please note that donations are tax deductible in the U.S. BSPA is a recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) institution.

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