• Josh Wright (ideas42)

  • Elspeth Kirkman (Behavioral Insights Team)

  • Philip Oreopoulos (U of Toronto)

  • Regina Schwartz (NYC Mayor's Office)

  • Dolly Chugh (NYU)

  • Mary Steffel (Northeastern University)

  • Angela Duckworth (Character Lab)

  • Captain Brad DeWess (Air Force)

  • Macky McCleary (Rhode Island Governor's Office)

  • Noel (Christy) Nolta (Air Force)

  • Brigitte Madrian (Harvard)

  • Colonel Richard E. Angle (Army)

  • Vice Adm. Herman Shelanski (Navy)

  • Bridget Terry Long (Harvard)

  • Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon)

  • Rick Larrick (Duke)

  • Scott Sonenshein (Rice)

  • Peter Ubel (Duke)

  • Larry Rudman (Kaplan)

  • Steven Sloman (Brown)

  • Kate Wessels (BSPA)

  • Jennifer Lerner (Harvard)

  • Sim Sitkin (Duke/BSPA)

  • Todd Rogers (Harvard)

  • Eldar Shafir (Princeton)

  • Robert Cialdini (Arizona)

  • Jens Ludwig (Chicago)

  • Craig Fox (UCLA/BSPA)

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