Daniel J. Walters is a Financial Consultant with the Behavioral Science & Policy Association. In this role, Daniel assists in the research, construction and updating of the BSPA business plan and financial sustainability model.

Prior his PhD work Daniel had extensive experience in investment analysis and business plan forecasting. Starting his career as an investment banker in Mergers & Acquisitions at Citigroup, he eventually moved to a hedge fund where he covered over $200 million in investments across a range of small and mid-cap companies. Daniel holds a BS in finance, economics, and mathematics from the Stern School of Business at NYU, and a MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

Daniel is currently a PhD candidate at UCLA researching the psychology of financial decision making under uncertainty. Daniel also investigates how missing or unknown information impacts judgments of knowledge and how debt aversion informs intertemporal preferences. Through his research Daniel has discovered methods to increase patients for financial outcomes and reduce overconfidence in judgment.