oregonvotersAutomatic Voter Registration a ‘Success’ in Oregon

When the state of Oregon adopted an opt-out voter registration law in 2015, it was the first of its kind in the United States. The November election was the policy’s first big test. The New York Times has good news: automatic voter registration seems to have worked in the state. More data is needed over the course of multiple election cycles, however the early data is promising.


Behavioral science shows why we must stay vigilant about calling out everyday bigotry

Keith Payne in Quartz shares his research showing why we have to make an effort to keep implicit bias in check.


Small Nudges Can Improve How Students Apply to College

Lindsay Page writes in HBR on how behavioral science can boost the college application process.


Simple Ways to Improve Health

BIT launched a new report on applying behavioral insights to health worldwide recently at the World Innovation Summit for Health.

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