nihreportNational Institutes of Health releases Behavioral & Social Sciences strategic plan

The National Institutes of Health announced a new strategic direction for behavioral and social sciences research last week. The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan set outs three top scientific priorities and four foundational processes. The plan comes from the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research which directs social science research across the medical research agency’s 27 institutes and centers. Covered in Wired, the plan’s “goals are about making social science more useful” and “includes a nod to the problems raised by proponents of replication in the past two years.”

motivationarielyWhat companies get wrong about motivating their people

Jena McGregor at the Washington Post interviews Dan Ariely about cubicles, bonuses, and finding meaning at work.

notthatwayWhy do people make bad decisions? 'Information avoidance' can explain

Devex interviews George Loewenstein about his new research into how and why people avoid information even when it is free and useful, and how it could impact the development sector.

givingtuesdayBehavior and Charitable Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday 2016, the altruistic cousin to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. ideas42 released a review earlier this year on Behavior and Charitable Giving experimental evidence and theory. This wide body of research demonstrates that donors are highly responsive to specific features of “the ask”. This recent BIT blog also shared results on efforts to increase legacy giving.

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