Jonathan Zinman is a Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College, and co-founder and Scientific Director of the U.S. Household Finance Initiative (USHFI) of Innovations for Poverty Action. He also serves on the inaugural Consumer Advisory Board of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and as a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. He is a member of the Behavioral Finance Forum and the Sage/Sloan Foundations Working Group on Behavioral Economics and Consumer Finance. Professor Zinman’s research focuses on household finance and behavioral economics. He has papers published in several top journals in economics, finance, and general-interest science, and his work has been featured extensively in popular and trade media as well. He applies his research by working with policymakers and practitioners around the globe. He works directly with institutions to develop and test innovations— in pricing, product development, marketing, risk assessment, risk management, and client communication– that are beneficial to both institutions and their clients