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  • Research Associate: Center for Advanced Hindsight


    Durham, USA

    Position Type


    The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University is currently seeking a full-time research associate to join our team to plan and conduct experiments, analyze data, and report findings on a variety of behavioral economics research studies. We review the Research Associate position on a rolling basis as need arises. If we don’t currently have an immediate need, we will keep your information on file to be in the running when we do.

    This position will perform all facets of research projects. Research Associates are responsible for independently managing a wide range of projects. Responsibilities include overseeing ongoing Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for human subjects research, material design, programming and distribution of surveys, preparation and conducting of experiments, data management (cleaning, coding, analyzing, interpreting), and reporting of study results (see Specific Responsibilities below).

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  • Behavioral Researcher: Center for Advanced Hindsight


    San Francisco, USA

    Common Cents is a behavioral lab focused on increasing the financial well-being of low-to-moderate income households.   

    The goal is to take behavioral insights out of the lab and into product development. This is truly a unique concept, blending academic rigor and rapid prototyping to create research driven, market viable solutions. The team is looking for someone to drive research from start to finish and help execute on the Common Cents ambitious 2017 goals.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    As a behavioral scientist you will underpin a wide range of projects around creating  financial decision making interventions. You will collaborate with senior researchers to lead different aspects of projects and will also undertake discrete pieces of work (such as partner sessions, literature reviews or scoping out various aspects on projects).  In addition, you will be responsible for communicating and reporting our research findings.

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  • Project Coordinator: Behavioral Insights Team


    London, UK



    The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is looking for an exceptional candidate to join as a Project Co-ordinator to work in two of our policy teams (Productivity and Communities, Health, Employment, Equality and Revenue) based in our London office.

    As a Project Coordinator you will be engaged in a number of tasks to support the successful delivery of a wide portfolio of projects. You will need to be flexible in your approach and be able to juggle competing priorities. This role offers someone an excellent opportunity to develop their organisational and project management skills. Responsibilities include:

    Resource Management

    • Working with project leads to ensure resource plans are set up in the planning software (10kft) and maintained;
    • Updating 10kft with data on tasks including annual leave and time for proposal writing;
    • Using 10kft data to identify members of the team who can work on potential pipeline projects and;
    • Highlighting where members of the team are either over or under-resourced and working with project leads to identify solutions.

    Pipeline Tracking

    • Working with the Directors and other team leads to maintain accurate records of all potential projects in the pipeline on the company’s central pipeline tracker list;
    • Monitoring opportunities for business development (e.g. new project tenders); and
    • Supporting the team to develop bids and proposals for new work.

    Contract Management

    • Overseeing the process of getting a signed contract in place for all new projects – chasing up signed contracts, ensuring all parties have all the information they need, and updating the Business Manager and General Counsel on progress;
    • Working with the Business Manager to ensure all new projects are set up correctly on the Company’s finance and resource planning systems;
    • Keeping track of project milestones and alerting the finance team when milestones have been met and invoices can be sent, and/or when scheduled invoice dates need to change;
    • Ensuring the Company’s QA procedures are followed for all projects;
    • Keeping track of the project budget – staff time (using 10kft) and expenses (with reports from the finance system), working with project leads to ensure projects are delivered within budget and highlighting as soon as possible when projects appear to be deviating from budget; and
    • Ensuring the company’s project close-out procedures are followed.

    Team Support

    • Providing ad-hoc administrative support such as updating timesheets and project scheduling;
    • Supporting preparation for client meetings and presentations (e.g. researching information, formatting data etc);
    • Ensuring file structures are organised; and
    • Dealing with expenses (as required).

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  • Senior Advisors, State and Local Government: Behavioral Insights Team


    New York, USA



    Full time (40 hours per week); Based in New York City with up to 30% travel; Up to 2 roles

    The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) is looking for exceptional candidates to become Senior Advisors in our New York City Office. We are looking for applicants to lead work on applying behavioral insights to the challenges facing our state and local government partners and evaluating the results. You will be based in Brooklyn, New York, and will manage relationships and projects with government partners across the country. You will report to the Head of the US office and will have management responsibilities.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    As a Senior Advisor, you will be the main point of contact for senior city and state government officials, and other clients and stakeholders on a regular basis.

    Senior Advisors each manage a portfolio of projects in a specific business area (in this case, US state and local government). While the subject matter and depth of the projects taking place will vary, each one will follow a similar set of steps that a Senior Advisor would oversee as follows:

    1. Target: leading your team and partners in the process of turning large and complex policy issues into a specific program of work that will allow BIT to contribute to improved policy outcomes through the application of behavioral science;
    2. Explore: leading quantitative and qualitative research to understand the nature of the issues involved and to identify specific pain-points and opportunities to tackle the issue;
    3. Solution: leading the team in generating evidence-based solutions appropriate for a public service environment;
    4. Trial: Ensuring a quality evaluation is designed and implemented so we can find out what worked and what didn’t. This will typically involve using a randomized control trial. Lastly, the project ends by reporting the findings to our partners in a clear a concise manner.

    While successful candidates may not be expert in all aspects of behavioral science and evaluation, you do need a strong understanding of the approaches used and the ability to manage others with specific expertise. It will be your responsibility to ensure that projects are managed and delivered to tight deadlines and budgets. To help you meet these goals you will line-manage a small team of Advisors or Associate Advisors.

    In addition to delivery, you will also have the opportunity to lead on winning new work and business development once you have proven your ability to deliver on existing projects. Senior Advisor roles have high growth potential for those looking to advance.

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  • Associate Advisor/Advisor, Research: Behavioral Insights team


    New York, USA



    • Permanent
    • Salary range: $57,000 – $72,000 per year, plus benefits
    • Immediate start
    • Based in Brooklyn, NY

    The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) is recruiting for a new member of our North America team to design, conduct, and evaluate randomized controlled trials (RCTs). BIT is at the forefront of a revolution in evidence-based policy, having conducted RCTs across the policy spectrum in fields ranging from health to criminal justice to urban policy.

    As the newest member of our growing North America team, you will play a central role in ensuring that the data-driven rigor of BIT’s trials is kept to the highest possible standard. You will have the opportunity to develop the team’s statistical capacity, while serving as the go-to person for econometric and coding questions.

    We are recruiting for an Associate Advisor or Advisor, commensurate with the experience of the candidate.

    Role and Responsibilities

    You will work across a range of behavioral insights projects providing specialist trial design, implementation and analysis. This role sits within BIT’s North America office and will suit a candidate with a strong background in econometrics and with a passion for data.

    This role will provide you with the opportunity to:

    • Put your expertise in econometrics to practical use on today’s biggest policy problems in the US and beyond;
    • Work with colleagues to design and implement RCTs across the policy spectrum;
    • Apply your STATA skills to clean and analyze unique administrative data sets and support colleagues in developing their own STATA skills.

    In a typical week, you might:

    • Clean and explore a large dataset from a 311 call center to identify trends, and brainstorm ideas for potential trials based on your analysis;
    • Analyze the results of a police recruitment trial and create visualizations to summarize the results;
    • Answer a colleague’s questions about how to design a trial with small sample size and help design and run the randomization code; and
    • Write a report that presents results to teammates and policy partners in a non-technical way.

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  • Behavioral Research Associate: Delos


    Rochester, Minnesota

    The Behavioral Research Associate position will assist in the Well Living Lab’s primary objective of broadening the scientific and practical understanding of how indoor environments and human behavior interact to impact occupant health and wellness. This position leverages the unique resources of the Well Living Lab – the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Delos Labs in New York, NY. The Behavioral Research Associate will support senior behavioral scientists in designing and conducting research that broadens our understanding of the human experience in built environments. The position offers an opportunity to join a highly interdisciplinary team and collaborate with research and clinical scientists, IT specialists, and business professionals to help develop research programs that further the mission of Delos and the Well Living Lab

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