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is concerned with developing quantitative methods and decision tools to help individuals, groups, and organizations make better financial decisions.

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  • Applying behavioral sciences in the service of four major economic problems - Summary. Behavioral scientists have developed a powerful tool kit for understanding individual decisionmaking and have embedded it in a framework that acknowledges the need for robust experimentation to determine optimal public policy. But to date, the integration of behavioral science into public policy has proceeded from developing a set of tools to then searching for problems […]
  • A personal touch in text messaging can improve microloan repayment - Summary. Because payment delays and defaults significantly affect both lenders and borrowers in fragile economies, strategies to improve timely loan repayment are needed to help make credit markets work smoothly. We worked with two microlenders to test the impact of randomly assigned text message reminders for loan repayments in the Philippines. Messages improved repayment only when […]
  • Time to retire: Why Americans claim benefits early & how to encourage delay - Summary. Because they are retiring earlier, living longer, and not saving enough for retirement, many Americans would benefit financially if they delayed claiming Social Security retirement benefits. However, almost half of Americans claim benefits as soon as possible. Responding to the Simpson–Bowles Commission’s 2010 recommendation that behavioral economics approaches be used to encourage delayed claiming, we […]
  • Payer mix & financial health drive hospital quality: Implications for value-based reimbursement policies - Summary.     Documented disparities in health care quality in hospitals have been associated with patients’ race, gender, age, and insurance coverage. We used a novel data set with detailed hospital-level demographic, financial, quality-of-care, and outcome data across 265 California hospitals to examine the relationship between a hospital’s financial health and its quality of care. We […]
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Insights for investors from a founding father of behavioral finance

By |August 13th, 2015|Categories: Financial Decision Making, News, Resources|

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Finance Has Caught On to Behavioral Economics

By |August 13th, 2015|Categories: Behavioral Economics, Discussions, Financial Decision Making, Resources|

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Prospecting for a theory on investor behaviour [Financial Times]

By |August 12th, 2015|Categories: Behavioral Economics, Financial Decision Making, Media, Read|

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