genderbiasHow To Take Gender Bias Out Of Your Job Ads

To which job do you think you’d be more likely to apply: one that seeks candidates who are “competitive” and “dominant”, or “supportive” and “collaborative”? The answer may be connected to your gender. Forbes reveals why certain job ads lead to predominantly female or male applicants, and shares concrete tips on how to de-bias the application process based on research from Iris Bohnet.

Sweden Redesigned Streets To Route Around Bad Human Behavior

FastCoExist: “Vision Zero has more than halved road deaths, to below three fatalities per 100,000. Compare that to the U.S., where the figure is 11.6 per 100,000.”

Curbing climate change through psychology

A new report, sponsored by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and co-authored by ACEEE, explains the psychology of individual energy efficiency actions and how large scale behavior change programs can use this research to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

textparentingFrontiers in text-based parenting interventions

New on the BSPA policyshop blog, NYU beELL's Mackenzie Whipps weighs in on the promise and challenges of text-based parenting interventions.

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