flint.shankarCan Behavior Science Help in Flint?

The New Yorker’s new profile dives into the work of the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team as the Obama administration comes to a close, and Maya Shankar’s journey to delve deeper into big policy problems -- like the Flint water crisis in Michigan -- after racking up a series of quick, cost-effective successes in her first two years leading the team. Maya had a few people to thank on the policyshop blog.

UNreportBIBehavioral Insights at the United Nations – Achieving Agenda 2030

A new report published by the United Nations demonstrates how behavioral approaches to UN programs bring fresh gains, from recycling in China to refugee care in Jordan. The UN’s new team is also led by Maya Shankar as well as her SBST colleague Lori Foster.

FakeNewsFake News and Conflicts of Interest

Two mainstays of behavioral science weigh in on U.S. headlines this week. In Slate, Robert Cialdini cites research on PSAs and norms to advise how facebook could combat fake news. On Fivethirtyeight, George Loewenstein points out that everyone underestimates the impact of conflicts of interest on their behavior, and disclosure has negative rebound effects.

GreeceNudgeUnitNew Nudge Unit Starting Up in Greece

The Nudge Unit Greece (NUG) brings professionals in economics and psychology together to improve Greece through nudge applications, with an aim to become Greece’s official national nudge unit. Their first stop: curbing trash in Athens.

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