Energy & Environment

research investigates the environmental effects of energy acquisition, transport, and production, as well as efforts for conservation and cleanup. Research in this area also focuses on the integration of environmental considerations into strategic development plans to support sustainable development.

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  • Applying behavioral sciences in the service of four major economic problems - Summary. Behavioral scientists have developed a powerful tool kit for understanding individual decisionmaking and have embedded it in a framework that acknowledges the need for robust experimentation to determine optimal public policy. But to date, the integration of behavioral science into public policy has proceeded from developing a set of tools to then searching for problems […]
  • Designing better energy metrics for consumers - Summary. Consumers are often poorly informed about the energy consumed by different technologies and products. Traditionally, consumers have been provided with limited and flawed energy metrics, such as miles per gallon, to quantify energy use. We propose four principles for designing better energy metrics. Better measurements would describe the amount of energy consumed by a device […]
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Here’s one reason why it’s so hard to know how much energy you use

By |August 13th, 2015|Categories: Energy & Environment, News, Resources|

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