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bspa has earmarked areas of focus to best help you navigate through the site – when looking for specific resources targeted to a particular theme, your first stop should be our ‘areas of focus’ page. here you can connect with all the latest research and insights across our fourteen focus areas, including journal articles, blog posts, and external resources.

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Policy Influencer & Practitioner Benefits

  • We arrange consultation services with the BSPA membership base - comprised of leading behavioral scientists with an expertise in government, corporate and non-profit settings
  • We provide access to the most current, insights-driven behavioral policy recommendations and implementation of behavioral insights and interventions via articles, white papers, abstracts, essays

Behavioral Science Expert Benefits

  • We sustain a forum for consultation with policy influencers and practitioners interested in testing and applying rigorous research to real issues
  • We support the cultivation of relationships, collaborative efforts and opportunities with fellow behavioral science experts
  • We identify opportunities for fellowships, internships, and positions in government and private sector organizations in which social scientists can design and implement practice-focused research or help interpret such research for policy development and implementation
  • In partnership with The Brookings Institution, we democratize access to publish applied behavioral research and policy recommendations research by way of a unique peer-reviewed journal 

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