SBST and BIT Release Annual Reports

This is an exciting week for the world of behavioral science: both the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team and the Behavioural Insights Team published their 2016 annual reports.

Released one year after President Obama issued Executive Order 13707, “Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People”, this is the 2nd annual report for the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team. It summarizes an even wider array of project results than the 2015 report, ranging from health insurance access to climate change to criminal justice reform.

The  Behavioural Insights Team published the 2015-2016 update report summarizing projects with the UK government as well as the newer offices in Sydney, New York, and Singapore. BIT will publish a series of blogs highlighting key findings and insights.


ideas42 Behavioral Summit + Design for Action 2016

Registration is open for two behavior-centered conferences in October: the inaugural ideas42 Behavior Summit October 13-14 in New York and the 3rd annual Design for Action Conference October 26 in Chicago.


The Irrational Idea That Humans Are Mostly Irrational

Paul Bloom writes in The Atlantic on morality, irrationality, conservatism, and where “being rational really matters.”

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The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligence

Another piece questioning the nature of rationality this week: although we may not be able to change our IQs, we may be able to “train people to be more rational in their decision making”.

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