Why Facts Don’t Unify Us

In this week’s Gray Matter section of the New York Times, Tali Sharot and Cass Sunstein explain that the same facts move people in opposite directions, depending on their pre-existing beliefs. But there’s some room left for optimism:

a strong majority showed movement; few people were impervious to new information. Most people were willing to change their views, at least to some extent.”

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How to Motivate Employees

NY Mag’s Science of Us highlights results from Dan Ariely’s research and new book about what shapes our motivations. In the case of employees, pizza and compliments rank highest on the motivation scale.

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How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work

Classical and behavioral economists have long differed on whether taxi drivers rationally maximize their profits. Now, with enormous amounts of new data from Uber, it looks like taxi drivers prove each side right, at least some of the time. New drivers, in particular, seem to use the suboptimal rules of thumb that behavioral economists like Colin Camerer and Richard Thaler predicted, but this becomes less true as drivers become more experienced.

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15 Surprising Findings From A New Report On Paying For College

Forbes covers a new report from ideas42 examining financial decision-making in the college enrollment process.

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