Counting Calories

A new report from The Behavioral Insights Team reveals problems with official statistics on calorie counting and how this may mislead attempts to curb obesity. Statistics show that calorie intake in Britain has decreased while obesity rates have increased, however BIT finds that national surveys are likely under-reporting calorie consumption. Improving the reliability of this public information will significantly impact where to focus the attention of obesity reduction efforts. The report was covered in several outlets including The Economist, BBC, and Vice.

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Designing Better Retirement in Mexico

ideas42 writes on their blog about uncovering behavioral barriers to retirement savings in Mexico and developing low-cost, scale-able solutions to increase voluntary contributions.

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Why Bronze Medalists are Happier Than Silver Medalists, and Other Things the Olympics Teaches Us About Human Emotions

The Washington Post investigates how the Olympics serve as a source for experimental research, specifically for psychologists to study the universality of facial expressions. And don't miss this from Shankar Vedantam and his Hidden Brain team.

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Video: From Behavioral Economics to Public Policy

Cass Sunstein spoke at the Effective Altruism Global 2016 conference about using insights from modern psychology to create effective policies.

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