BX2016 now at your fingertips

Videos of all 20 sessions from the Behavioral Exchange 2016 are now available online. In the final session of BX2016, Rachel Glennerster and BSPA editors David Laibson and Eldar Shafir push the boundaries of behavioral science to reflect on Moving Beyond Nudging.

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use seamless to trick yourself into healthier lunches

“In a new study in the Journal of Marketing Research, researchers outlined a simple tactic for eating healthier during the workday: If you’re buying lunch, just order it several hours before you plan to actually eat it.”

Research by Eric Van Epps, Julie Downs, and BSPA consulting editor George Loewenstein.

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Will Sanders Supporters Come Around?

Psychologists Yarrow Dunham and David Rand believe the science of intergroup dynamics offers hope for mending the rifts in the Democratic party.

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the science behind why you don’t save (and what to do about it)

This piece in Time Money reviews the psychological causes of the savings crisis and how employers and banks can draw on behavioral insights to offer products that help people save more.

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