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Having a "Plan B" Can Hurt Your Chances of Success

Katherine Milkman (BSPA Executive Committee) and Jihae Shin write in Scientific American about new research on the downsides of backup plans. Their study published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes finds that even considering a backup plan can reduce the effort you put towards achieving a goal and, therefore, your likelihood of success. The authors lay out three ways this research can help you make better decisions.

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How Machine Learning Will Help You Make Healthier Choices At Work

Over at Fast Company, one Googler explains how machine learning software paired with what we know about human decision-making can lead to small changes that add up to a healthier workplace.

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The Economist Asks: Richard Thaler

Listen to Richard Thaler queried about how his theories will shape the future of policy and economics.

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Behavioral economics and social justice: A perspective from poverty and equity

On the World Bank development blog, James Walsh explores the broader implications of behavioral economics for advancing theories of social justice and policy-making.

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