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Text parents about homework to boost exam results

Texting parents useful information about upcoming tests and homework could improve student achievement in math -- by the equivalent of an extra month in the classroom -- and reduce absenteeism, according to new trial results highlighted in the Guardian. The texting trial was the most cost-effective result from a number of studies funded by the Education Endowment Foundation. The "Parent Engagement Project" trial was delivered by researchers from the University of Bristol and Harvard University and involved sending parents 30 text messages over the course of the academic year. Raj Chande also writes about the results on the BIT blog.

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New California law could dramatically change the demographics of its electorate

“California recently passed the New Motor Voter Act, a law designed to register eligible residents to vote by default when they use the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), unless they decline...We find that supporters are right to see great promise in the law, but how the law is implemented will be far more important than many have suggested.”

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Fixing Court Summons So Their Horrible Design Doesn't Land People In Jail

Fast Company covers an ongoing trial by ideas42 and partners to improve court the summons process and reduce arrest warrants in New York City via an improved form and timely reminders.

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Paying With Cash Hurts. That’s Also Why It Feels So Good.

“When people pay for items using cold, hard cash rather than by card or online, they feel more of a sting and therefore assign more value to the purchase, according to Avni M. Shah, an assistant marketing professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough.”

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