Why Do People Make Mistakes When They Know the Right Answer?

On NPR’s this American Life, Ira Glass hands off to Malcolm Gladwell who digs into the case of Wilt Chamberlain and his foul throw technique. After improving dramatically by shooting underhanded, Chamberlain switched back to the conventional technique and his percentage plummeted back down. He knew he was making a mistake but did it anyway. Gladwell investigates why, with input from Richard Thaler. Thaler also weighs in on why football teams make draft decisions they know to be irrational, and why they insist on punting on fourth down.

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Tiny Interventions Can Help Reverse Our Sky-High College Dropout Rate

FastCoExist writes about the ideas42 initiative we covered last week, explaining that, "this so-called ‘completion crisis’ might also be fixable through a series of small institutional tweaks that encourage students to make smarter financial, social, and academic decisions for themselves.”

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Rounding up the Latest Insights from Behavioral Exchange 2016

Our friends at BIT pulled together some of the key insights from last month’s BX2016 conference, including ideas on Diversity, Charitable Giving, and Education, with some thoughts on the future of nudging.

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july1-4Counseling for Chicago Youth Cuts Arrest Rate in New Study

A behavioral intervention by researchers at the University of Chicago, called BAM (Becoming a Man), achieves promising results by trying to “encourage kids to focus taking a moment before they respond to tense situations with aggression or violence.”

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