The past couple of weeks have brought behavioral scientists together across the world, with the community meeting at Harvard for BX 2016 last week, followed by BDRM at the Rotman School at the University of Toronto as well as the Nudgestock festival in the UK.


 Behavioral Exchange 2016 in Tweets

Take a look back at last week’s Behavioral Exchange conference in tweets, with special thanks to Lea Lupkin. Further reading for BX 2016, including connections with attendees, can be found here.

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Misbehaving in paperback

Richard Thaler’s latest book, Misbehaving, is now out in paperback. Watch the first part of his three-part interview with Swarthmore’s Syon Bhanot.


Does poverty really make people more impulsive?

The Washington Post takes a deeper look at impulsivity among the poor and finds the story to be more complicated than many had believed. See our recent Twitter Chat on behavioral insights into poverty and limited attention here.

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