New issue of Behavioral Science and Policy

The third issue of Behavioral Science & Policy (BSP) is now available online (PDF).

The new issue includes a Spotlight Forum on pre-K education programs guest edited by The Brookings Institute’s Ron Haskins featuring leading experts’ evidence-based assessments and recommendations. The articles examine the effectiveness of existing American early childhood interventions, including Head Start, state pre-K programs, and home visiting programs.

The issue also includes a timely article, given the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, on how to promote accountability in K-12 education beyond relying on high stakes testing, as well as important reviews of effective interventions to promote healthier habits and evidence on how to make the truth  stick (and not misinformation) from a cognitive perspective.


When Saying Something Nice Is the Only Way to Change Someone’s Mind

Chris Graves in the Harvard Business Review on the behavioral science behind that last debate question.


For Better Citizenship, Scratch and Win

This quiz-filled New York Times opinion piece sings praise for using lotteries and games to increase pro-social behavior. They encourage readers to tweet their best ideas for using a lottery with #GameMyFix.


Nudging in a Sludge Filled World

Cait Lamberton and Benjamin Castleman look at what’s getting in the way of nudges and how to design interventions to overcome “sludge” in the Huffington Post.

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