Behavioral Science & Policy is a new international, peer-reviewed journal that features short, accessible articles describing actionable policy applications of behavioral scientific research that serves the public interest. Articles submitted to BSP undergo a dual-review process. Leading scholars from specific disciplinary areas review articles to assess their scientific rigor; at the same time, experts in relevant policy areas evaluate them for relevance and feasibility of implementation. Manuscripts that pass this dual-review are edited to ensure their accessibility to scientists, policy makers, and lay readers. BSP is not limited to a particular point of view or political ideology. BSP is a publication of the Behavioral Science & Policy Association and the Brookings Institution Press.

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Call for Papers: Spotlight on Education

BSP announces a call for papers on the topic of early childhood education. Topics of particular interest include studies of the effectiveness of different kinds of Early Care and Education (ECE), the degree of benefit to be expected for different sorts of children, proposals for experiments to be conducted exploring just which elements of ECE are most helpful, and issues of scalability and funding. For consideration please submit your article to Behavioral Science & Policy by September 1, 2014.

Founding Co-Editors
Craig Fox (UCLA)
Sim Sitkin (Duke University)

Advisory Board
David Brooks (New York Times)
John Seely Brown (Deloitte)
Robert Cialdini (Arizona State University)
Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University)
James March (Stanford University)
Jeffrey Pfeffer (Stanford University)
Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon University)
Paul Slovic (University of Oregon)
Cass Sunstein (Harvard University)
Richard Thaler (University of Chicago)

Consulting Editors
Shlomo Benartzi (UCLA)
Laura Carstensen (Stanford University)
Susan Fiske (Princeton University)
Ross Hammond (Brookings Institution)
Chip Heath (Stanford University)
David Laibson (Harvard University)
George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University)
Richard Nisbett (University of Michigan)
M. Scott Poole (University of Illinois)

Senior Policy Editor
Carol Graham (Brookings Institution)

Senior Disciplinary Editors
Peter Bearman (Columbia University)
Karen Cook (Stanford University)
Adam Grant (University of Pennsylvania)
Eric Johnson (Columbia University)
Dean Karlan (Yale University)
Henry Roediger III (Washington University)
Michael Tushman (Harvard University)
Wendy Wood (University of Southern California)

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Partners and Supporters

partnership and support

The BSPA board consists of experts in a variety of academic and policy disciplines, including leading policy experts, top researchers, and premier journalists. Our partner organizations include the Brookings Institution, Duke University, and UCLA. We have received generous support from a number of organizations, including the Alfred P. Sloan, MacArthur, and William and Flora Hewlett foundations. Behavioral Science & Policy is published in collaboration with Brookings Institution Press.

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Meet BSP's founding editors. Craig Fox and Sim Sitkin envision BSP as a vital conduit among scholars, policy makers, and the public. The journal is intended to help shape the research agenda of behavioral scientists by publicizing current concerns and challenges facing policy makers, providing context and rich detail for researchers as they set their research agendas, and highlighting opportunities to collaborate and publish research on these topics.  
Learn more about the guiding forces behind BSP. BSP's Board comprises the premier thinkers in behavioral science and policy.
Learn how to submit your manuscripts to BSP. With a dual-review process to ensure both scientific rigor and real-world feasibility, the BSP manuscript review process is streamlined for easy submission.

Call for Bloggers

As a member of the BSP community, you have an opportunity to share your insights on the application of behavioral science research to policy practice with scholars, journalists, practitioners, and other interested people. Please submit blog entries to diana (at) behavioral for consideration.

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For Authors

Each of the following sections provides general information for authors about the manuscript submission process. We recommend that you take the time to read each section and review carefully the BSP Editorial Policy before submitting your manuscript to Behavioral Science & Policy.

Manuscript formats

Manuscripts can be submitted in a number of different formats, each of which must clearly explain specific implications for (public and/or private-sector) policy and practice:

  • Proposals (<2500 words) specify scientifically grounded policy proposals and provide supporting evidence including concise reports of relevant studies. This category is most appropriate for describing new policy implications of previously published work or a novel policy recommendation that is supported by previously published studies.
  • Findings (<4000 words) report on results of new studies and/or substantially new analysis of previously reported data sets (including formal meta-analysis) and the policy implications of the research findings. This category is most appropriate for presenting new evidence that supports a particular policy recommendation. The additional length of this format is designed to accommodate a fuller account of methods, results, and/or analysis of studies that have not been previously reported elsewhere (though some finer details may be relegated to supplementary online materials).
  • Reviews (<5000 words) survey and synthesize the key findings and policy implications of research in a specific disciplinary area or on a specific policy topic. This could take the form of describing a general-purpose behavioral tool for policy makers or a set of behaviorally grounded insights for addressing a particular policy challenge.
  • Other Published Materials. BSP will sometimes solicit or accept Letters (<500 words) that provide a forum for responses from readers and contributors, including policy makers and public figures, and Invitations (<1000 words with links to online supplementary material) which are requests from policy makers for contributions from the behavioral science community on a particular policy issue. For example, if a particular agency is facing a specific challenge and seeks input from the behavioral science community, we would welcome posting of such solicitations. Inquiries should be directed to the BSP editorial office.

Review and selection of manuscripts

On submission, the manuscript author is asked to indicate the most relevant disciplinary area and policy area addressed by his/her manuscript. (In the case of some Review papers, a “general” policy category designation may be appropriate.) The area-specific Senior Disciplinary Editor and the Senior Policy Editor provide an initial screening of the manuscripts. A manuscript that passes initial screening is reviewed by a relevant Associate Policy Editor and a relevant Associate Disciplinary Editor, who serves as the steward of the manuscript as it is moved through the editorial process. The manuscript author will receive an email within approximately two weeks of submission indicating whether the article has been sent to outside referees for further consideration. External review of the manuscript entails evaluation by at least two outside referees. In most cases Authors will receive a response from BSP within approximately 60 days of submission. With rare exception, we will submit manuscripts to no more than two rounds of external review. We generally do not accept re-submissions of material without an explicit invitation from an editor. Professional editors trained in the BSP style will collaborate with the author of any manuscript recommended for publication to enhance the accessibility and appeal of the material to a general audience (i.e., a broad range of behavioral scientists, public- and private-sector policy makers, and educated lay public). We anticipate no more than two rounds of feedback from the professional editors.

Open access

BSP posts each accepted article on our website in an open access format at least until that article has been bundled into an issue. At that point, access is granted to journal subscribers and members of the Behavioral Science & Policy Association. Questions regarding institutional constraints on open access should be directed to the editorial office.

Submission fee

Behavioral Science & Policy charges a $50 fee per submission to defray a portion of the manuscript processing costs incurred by the Behavioral Science & Policy Association. (BSP is waiving this fee during the first few months of operation.)